Monday, April 12, 2010

The Law of the Jungle: 8th anniversary of the failed coup d'état attempt in Venezuela, 11th April 2002

8 years ago, whilst the military and police were oppressing the masses on the streets of Caracas, the private media outlets were providing their support to the coup plotters by maintaining absolute silence on the matter. Whilst people were being shot, one channel even broadcast the famous Disney cartoon "The Jungle Book" to trick the public into thinking that this was just another day. Words alone can barely do justice to the intense drama as events unfolded over the following 47 hours. For a fascinating insider's view of these events, direct from the palace of Miraflores, from the day of the coup until Chavez finally regained power from Venezuela's extreme right just two days later, I urge you to watch the below documentary, "The revolution will not be televised", 

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