Friday, April 9, 2010

Álvaro Uribe's interview on CNN en Español. A perfect example of highly biased US media reporting on South America

Anybody who's familiar with the history of US involvement in South America's affairs won't be  surprised to hear that so called respected US media outlets are highly biased towards pro-US forces on the continent. Last night's CNN en Español interview of Álvaro Uribe was a perfect example of a famous news channel displaying absolute contempt for real journalism.

Alberto Padilla, CNN's "reporter", was given the opportunity to  interview the pro-US Colombian president, currently hosting the World Economic Forum in Cartagena, Colombia. Any journalist worth his salt would have pressured Uribe on Colombia's shameful human rights record as highlighted by groups such as Amnesty International. Instead, Padilla behaved like a shameless sycophant, concluding that Uribe is leaving his post with much recognition in Latin America and abroad. 

Recognition, yes. But of the notorious kind. 

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